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-====== Tassimo hot drinks machine and discs ====== 
-We have a [[bosch_tassimo_coffee_maker|Bosch Tassimo machine]], you feed a T-Disc (pod) into the machine and out comes a cup of hot joe/​chocolate/​tea by robo-magic! 
-===== T-Discs ===== 
-We have a bunch of different flavours of coffee, tea and hot chocolate available to purchase in the lab. These are stored above the Tassimo machine. Take a pod, put the money for it in the Club Mate jar (near the machine) and enjoy. 
-Some flavours of Tassimo drink are a single T-Discs and some require two T-Discs (drinks that have a milk component). If you have a two-disc drink, run the milk disc through first, then run the coffee/​chocolate/​whatever disc into the same cup. Stir. 
-===== T-Disc recycling ===== 
-We're a registered Terracycle drop off point for collecting and recycling discs. This means that we collect our own discs, and accept used discs from the public for recycling. 
-==== Recycling in-lab discs ==== 
-There is a box behind the Tassimo machine for collecting used discs, please put yours in there after you have made your drink. When this box is full, empty it into the large box under the sink. 
-==== Recycling dropped off discs ==== 
-If a member of the public drops off some discs, put those directly in to the box under the sink. 
-===== Contact person ===== 
-At the moment Al is the person to contact re recycling, or ordering new T-Discs. 
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