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Swap Shop

This page replaces the old “free shelf”. Please list items that you would like to buy, sell or give away. Keep the items at home until you have a buyer/seller as we don't have room to store everything at the lab.

Free Stuff

Date Name Item
2017-10-03 Rob S Several CRTs – 17“ VGA, Sun BNC RGB etc.
2017-09-01 Tim H Cross-brace (4-way) wheel spanner
2017-08-28 Tim H security (under carpet) pressure pad 71x56cm

For Sale

Date Name Item Price
2017-10-03 Rob S Denon amp/CD/radio + Denon bookshelf speakers, remote etc. £30
2017-08-28 Tim H Spektrum DX6i radio controller offers?
2017-08-28 Tim H ZD-929C solder station (cracked casing has been repaired) £20


Date Name Item
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