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Line 14: Line 14:
   * <​del>​30cm dish access point</​del>​   * <​del>​30cm dish access point</​del>​
   * HF Multiband Dipole   * HF Multiband Dipole
 +  * ~90cm offset dish on a stand on the main roof
 Internal (near external door): Internal (near external door):
Line 28: Line 29:
   * "​switch-roof-b"​ 24-port network switch   * "​switch-roof-b"​ 24-port network switch
   * "​ap-roof"​ Mikrotik 941-2nd access point   * "​ap-roof"​ Mikrotik 941-2nd access point
 +  * Tim H's Pi and radio
 Cable links: Cable links:
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