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Block-B Roof


  • Pole attached to stairway:
    • Active mini-whip antenna
    • VHF yagi antenna
    • APRS dipole antenna
  • FlightRadar24 stick antenna on plant room roof
  • HF magnetic loop antenna on plant room roof
  • 50MHz stick antenna on east-end
  • 30cm dish access point
  • HF Multiband Dipole


  • “sdr” PC with two RTL-SDR receivers (one with HF converter)
  • “aprspi” Raspberry Pi with RTL-SDR receiver
  • OptiPlex 755 PC and SDRplay receiver
  • FlightRadar24 receiver unit with GPS antenna
  • LoRaWAN gateway and antenna (Al)
  • TL-WR703N access point
  • 8-port network switch

Cable links:

  • Cat 5 network cable to G11
  • Coax RF cable to G1
  • Various Coax to external antennas


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