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 <​file>​ <​file>​
 code,​quantity,​description <- quick-paste format code,​quantity,​description <- quick-paste format
-PL0919287,2,1m 6-way ext +PL0919207,2,1m 6-way ext 
-PL0919387,2,2m 6-way ext +PL0919307,2,2m 6-way ext 
-SA01621,2,Kim Wipes (lint-free dry wipes)  +SA01621,1,Kim Wipes (lint-free dry wipes)  
-audio isolation transformer+AV25542,​1,​gnd loop isolator 
 +FF0230907,​1,​12V ATO fuse box 
 +FF0273207,​6,​ATO fuses 1A 
 +CS1953407,​4,​Keystone jacks 
 +cat5e surface-mount sockets
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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   *    * 
 ===== Small Tools ===== ===== Small Tools =====
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