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Original Prusa i3 MK2

David Weis graciously decided to lend us his Original Prusa i3 MK2 printer.




See Approved filaments

The printer can be used for printing with PLA or PETG filament, with a 1.75mm diameter.
Other filaments have to be discussed on the mailing list. If you wish to print with ABS then additional ventilation will be required to deal with styrene fumes.

TPU or TPE flexible filaments (such as NinjaFlex) may be used but require use of talcum powder or painters tape on the PEI print surface.

Use of your own filament is only allowed with a previous discussion with other members to prevent usage of low quality or non-suitable filament.


  • Do not hack. The 3D printer is a tool, not a project. (This includes installing custom firmware or anything that you may consider upgrading)
  • Use material supplied by the lab.
  • If you want to use your own material, it must be of good quality and approved before use (post to the members list).
  • If you want to use ABS (or other materials which produce fumes) you must relocate the printer to somewhere with good ventilation, flush out the ABS after use and return the printer to its normal place.
  • Wait for the bed to cool before attempting to remove a print
  • Send an email to the mailing list in advance before doing a long print
  • Do not use sharp tools to remove a print from the bed. You could damage the PEI sheet.
  • Do not user gcode generated for other printers on this printer

Loan rules

As the owner of the printer David reserves the right to take the printer out of the lab for few days or print really long prints.
It's unlikely this will ever happen without a prior warning on the mailing list. Unless it's a case of dire printing emergency!!!


You can use two different slicers with the Prusa.

  • Slic3r - Slic3r Prusa edition is the more advanced version that allows a lot more control but can be overwhelming for a new user.
  • PrusaControl - PrusaControl is a very simple slicer that is great for beginners.

If you wish to use a different slicer you can ask on the mailing list. But unless you have a very good reason to use a different one it's advised to stick with the listed options.


The Prusa MK2 will automatically calibrate before every print.
Do not use the calibration option on your own without a previous discussion on the mailing list.


Printer is using an unmodified version of the the original Prusa MK2 firmware. We have no intention of changing this.

Printing Instructions

Unless you are experienced with 3D printing it is highly recommended that you ask on the mailing list for help with your first few prints.

If you want some guidance here is a perfect quick start guide from Prusa Research:

David is politely asking that you train yourself on the Ultimaker 2 before touching his printer.





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