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-======Printer====== +====== Printer ======
-Brother HL-1430 series @ JetDirect\\ +
-**Hostname: jetdirect.hacklab**,​ standard TCP/IP printer port.\\ +
-Parallel Port 1 on device.\\ +
-Black & White laser printer, max. 1200x600 dpi+
-======Galahad====== +HP Colour LaserJet MFP M281fdw
-How to find out what Ubuntu version Galahad is running do following steps:+
-  * Ctrl+Alt+T +  * mono and colour laser printer 
-  * ''​lsb_release ​-a''​+  * double-sided printing 
 +  * flatbed/​document-feeder scanning to USB, email or network share
-=====Drivers===== +Costs:
-[[http://​​printer/​Brother/​Brother-HL-1430|Recommended Driver]]+
-=====Maintenance===== +  * Mono5p per page-side 
-==Toner== +  * Colour25p per page-side 
-Ordered a new toner onlineprice: £29.55\\ + 
-Date28-08-2011 05:20:14 PM\\ +Connecting to it
-Order id#71399\\ + 
-Order statusNot finished+  * AirPrint from the Hacklab wifi 
 +  * IPP Everywhere from the Hacklab wifi 
 +  * LPD/​JetDirect/​IPP via hostname //​laserjet.hacklab//​ 
 +  * If you don't have an exact driver, try M277 or generic PostScript. 
 +  * We will probably stay with official HP cartridges to start with, which allows us to benefit from a free extended warranty. 
 +  * When we need replacements,​ buy the high yield versions and look for HP cashback deals. 
 +  * Part numbers CF540X, CF541X, CF542X, CF543X.
-<​del>​We running low on paper currently. If you have A4 paper you like to donate please feel free to do so.</​del>​ 
-Ink n Toner UK\\ 
-61 East Barnet Road, Barnet\\ 
-EN4 8RN\\ 
-United Kingdom (Great Britain)\\ 
-Tel:: 0208 216 5571\\ 
-E-Mail: [email protected]\\ 
-VAT No. GB947854077 
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