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Loaned Equipment

Many of the items in the Hacklab belong to members or friends of the lab. These items may be reclaimed at some point in the future, and must be offered back to their respective owners before any other kind of disposal.

If you would like to loan an item to the lab, please:

  • Post to the members mailing list to make sure that others agree that it will be useful.
  • Label the item with your name.
  • Add the item to this page.


Description Owner Notes
Netgear GS724T switches (x3) Tim Hawes
Netgear GS108 switches (various) Tim Hawes
HP DL380 G5 server “lithium” Tim Hawes
HP ML115 server “ganymede” Tim Hawes
Electric planer Tim Hawes
Plunge saw Tim Hawes
Baofeng BF-888S radio Tim Hawes
TL-WR1043ND router Tim Hawes
Clark CBS355 bandsaw Stephen Giles
Spray painting system Costa
3D printer (Replicator 2 clone) Costa
Desktop PC for CAD “bors” Mike Walters
25m extension reel + 13A/16A adapter Tim Hawes
Airbrush Kit with Compressor Mike Waite
TIG Welder Mike Walters
Uni-T UT120C multimeter Costa

If you decide to make something a permanent donation, please move it to the table below…


Description Donor Notes
Electric tile cutter Tim H
Mains power drill Tim H
Denford Novaturn Lathe Scott Hunter
Denford Novamill Scott Hunter
Unimatic CNC Router Scott Hunter
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