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 ====== Laser Chimney ====== ====== Laser Chimney ======
-===== TODO ===== +Our laser cutting is currently restricted to the hours of 8pm to 8am to avoid annoying the users of the Summerhall courtyard with smelly fumes. 
-  * Confirm final size - go outside ​with a tape measure and see whether 315mm seems reasonableincluding extra width for mounting brackets + 
-  * Pick out wall anchorsNeed to check what size bolts the mounting brackets will take +We are in the process of installing a duct to take the fumes to roof level. 
-  * Pick out flexible ducting for fan -> window connection. DuctStore has some good stuff but 5m minimumProbably go with the same stuff we got for the big laser?+ 
 +===== Status ​===== 
 +Next task: Install the blower mounting bracket. We have the bracket and wall anchors. We need to arrange access to a larger ladder, borrow Al's SDS drill and do it. 
 +===== Roadmap ===== 
 +  * Install the bracket that will support the blower. The bracket will be mounted on the outside ​wallabove the window between G1 and G2. This will probably require the borrowing of a larger ladder. 
 +  * Install the blower on the bracket. 
 +  * Order flexible duct and internal fittings ​to bring the extraction into G2. 
 +When the blower is in place, we can begin the following:​ 
 +  * Order the vertical ducts and accessories to reach roof level (these will be too large to store so should be bought when we are ready to use them). 
 +    * Then arrange with Marcus to install them with the cherry picker. 
 +  * Install wiring to power the blower.
 ===== Shopping list ===== ===== Shopping list =====
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 Other Other
-  * Wall anchors (sleeve or resin) for fan+  * <del>Wall anchors (sleeve or resin) for fan</​del>​
   * Wall anchors (sleeve or resin) for duct   * Wall anchors (sleeve or resin) for duct
-  * Unistrut hex socket+  * <del>Unistrut hex socket</​del>​
   * 200mm flexible duct   * 200mm flexible duct
   * Fittings for entry and internal duct   * Fittings for entry and internal duct
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