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Bottled Drinks

Caffeination Guide

Drink caffeine mg / 100ml
Fritz Cola 25
Fritz Mate 25
Fritz Coffee 25
Club Mate 20
Club Mate Cola 15
Kofola 15
Mischmasch 6.5
ChariTea Mate ?
ChariTea Green ?
ChariTea Black ?

For comparison, Coca Cola has 9.6mg / 100ml (sources vary for this number).


Club Mate 500ml £2.00
Club Mate 330ml £1.50
Mate Cola 330ml £1.50
Fritz Mate/Kola/Limo/Spritz/Coffee 330ml £1.50
MISCHMASCH 330ml £1.50
Left Field Kombucha No. 3 Oolong £2.40
ChariTea Sparkling Mate £1.60
ChariTea Black Tea & Lemon £1.60
ChariTea Green Tea & Ginger £1.60
Lemonaid Passion Fruit £1.80
Kofola £1.70


Lemonaid Passionfruit and coffee is pretty good.

The whisky cask aged Gin and Charitea (green or black, not tried mate). Otherwise that gin is not recommended to be mixed with anything.

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