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Denford Novamill

CNC Use Notes (incomplete)

@ The CNC machine
  • Open VR Milling v5
  • (If you are introducing a new tool) New tool→ Post Processor → Number = The variable you have used at the post-processing stage of the Fusion 360. Enter a small description of the tool
  • Turn red switch to turn on the machine (It is below the desk)
  • (For wood) Use special vice.
    • Select vice rouch selection of clamping.
    • Attach vice fasteners on bed and vice. The connecting material ideally should be parallel with the earth maybe slightly higher on the screw side
    • Then press vice grip of wood with the screws
  • Home - xyz → Jog (to the the offset
    • Arrow keys allow you to move around the endmill position
    • Set override to 100% with knobs.
  • Down left → Set offsets → Tooling ?? → Set tool
    • For one tool don’t set diameter etc. This is not the case if you have multiple endmills
    • Click change tool
    • Attach the holder to the machine:
      • Remove the cap
      • Unscrew screw
      • The fastener should go at the middle of the opening
      • Clean holder& slot before attaching it
  • Work offsets (Find ‘0’ point)
    • For low precision you need to start the spindle and jog it as soon as it is cutting
    • Control panel → Job → Set spindle speed → Hit play
    • Tool & offset → Set X or Y
    • Add half the diameter of the tool
    • Check the value @ the control panel
    • For z do the same
  • File → Open → Select the fnc file
  • Control - Auto
  • Close water pump so that only air comes out
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