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Members: A 35L Really Useful Box is included in your membership, and you should try to contain your stuff within it. It's okay to keep other items in the lab temporarily, but they should be clearly labelled with your name and removed when you are no longer actively working on them.

If you personally own any of these items, please add your name and try to give an explanation of why the item is in the lab and how long it will be staying.

If an item belongs to the lab and you believe it should be kept, please try to tell us why.



  • cardboard tube containing metal parts

Cameron Sharp:

  • Minitower “godfather”


  • Spot welder


  • 3D printed Hopper chassis
  • Heddy robot


  • 3D printer


  • boxes of pen-making paraphernalia

Tom Piddock:

  • Bunch of fightstick-related stuff on the members' box shelves in G11


  • HP Laptop (since March 2017)
  • Keyboard stand
  • 5x ELO 12“ touchscreens with gubbed displays (not fixable)
  • Summerhall's hedge trimmer
  • Microscope (G1)
  • Mini projector (G1)
  • Electronics set (G1)
  • RC plane (G1)
  • Angle grinder (G1)
  • Worksite radios? (G8)


  • box of paints/chemicals

Tom Feist:

  • second member's box - emailed 2018-03-14


  • Sun Ultra

Hacklab G1:

  • 2x flatbed scanners
  • Epson inkjet/scanner
  • Another Epson injket/scanner
  • Samsung colour laser printer
  • Brother mono laser printer

Hacklab G8:

  • Spare pillar drill

Hacklab - G11:

  • 3x NEC projectors - dispose
  • Sony 14” CRT TV - keep
  • Traffic lights
  • LEGO
  • Cossor Model 1052 Oscillograph - should be re-homed
  • Ex-member boxes:
    • Alex Hunsley
    • John Hawkins
    • Joseph Firkins
    • Rob Gordon
  • Broken 18“ fan
  • UPS battery
  • Broken monitor
  • Donated BBC Model B
  • Donated Acorn Electron
  • Donated Acorn disk drives
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