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Members: A 35L Really Useful Box is included in your membership, and you should try to contain your stuff within it. It's okay to keep other items in the lab temporarily, but they should be clearly labelled with your name and removed when you are no longer actively working on them.


  • traffic lights
  • overflow from member's box


  • box of paints/chemicals


  • scooter
  • rope net
  • Sanyo projector


  • chunky Windows 98 laptop
  • fabric box containing CB radio
  • AIWA tape deck
  • Commodore Amiga box
  • Tricopter
  • RC transmitter box


  • box containing Atari, Vic20


  • sewing machine


  • networking gear from HUBS - does this belong to HUBS or has it been donated to the lab?
  • Unicycle


  • bag including projection lamp
  • cardboard box of stuff


  • quadcopter surfing project
  • 3D printer


  • vacuum pump


  • OpenROV
  • Mo-Cap alignment poster?


  • Stylo turntable


  • old microwave oven
  • cash register
  • collection of BBC micros and accessories, 2x Microvitec monitors
    • we should aim to reduce this to one working BBC, one monitor and a few accessories
    • Tim will take away any spare parts
    • Tim has volunteered Al, John and himself to review the collection and make a plan
  • Stag SE15 EPROM eraser
    • add to a new “retro” box
  • green luggage with wheels - moved to free shelf
  • Sony 14“ CRT TV
  • plotter - not useful to the lab, anyone who wants it can take it
  • dot matrix printers
  • vintage ammeter
  • 8mm projector
  • Cossor Model 1052 Oscillograph - should be re-homed
  • 150W bench grinder (grey)
  • Spare pillar drill


  • Pioneer hifi tuner
  • GEM PK5 keyboard
  • DIY antenna
  • Oversized piece of black acrylic

Old listing below is out of date…

For Sale/Disposal

  • Numark dual CD player/mixer - both CD players work, external inputs don't - sell for spares on ebay?
  • Gaggia coffee machine - this is gone now?
  • StrongARM Linux phone development device - this went, right?
  • Cisco internet phone
  • Janek's class D amplifier project - claimed by Rob?
  • Big logic analyzer - John is interested in this - anyone know where the probes are?

(for discussion only, not final list)

  • laptops?
  • Scopes?


  • GEM PK5 keyboard - Rob
    • Is now fully working
  • BBC micros and spares - Tim, Al, Martin, plus Hacklab-owned items
    • Al needs to take home his working BBC Model B and monitor
    • John suggested that the lab keep one working Model B and one Master
    • Tim is willing to take home any BBC-related items that lab doesn't want to keep
    • Martin wants one more push at turning assorted components into working beebs
  • pedestal fan
  • vacuum pump - Gandolf. Needs to find transport to store it in Musselburgh.
  • PBX system - Rob, we don't need a PBX, please remove
  • CRT TVs
    • Matsui - keep this one
    • Sony 14” - may be useful, otherwise discard
  • HOBS viewdata terminal
  • Plotter
    • Owned by lab - John would like to have another go at getting this working
  • Two dot-matrix printers - owned by lab, does anyone want to keep them?
  • Pioneer midi hifi - moved to recycling box
  • analogue oscilloscopes
  • Top-loading U-matic video recorder
    • John and Rob are interested in getting this going
  • Cambridge Audio P500 amplifier - was a donation from Tom B (ex-member). John unhacked it and it's now working but missing power switch.
  • Green & Red Man Pedestrian Lights
    • Donation by Gandolf, Peter to work replacement glass/perspex and wall mount in lab. Target completion for Mini-Maker Faire (20th April)
  • APC UPS - Rob, make it work or bin it
  • Summerhall CCTV system - Mike is (very slowly) working on fixing it
  • Rope net - Bart
  • DIY digital overlay for overhead projector - Rob
  • Berkostat/Rheostat - to be mounted on the wall by Al and used to dim the lights
  • Ritvars' PC “Stored Temporarily”
  • HUBS wireless routers/switches - William
  • Electric scooters
  • HP xw9300 Workstation (was “mordred”)
  • Dell Optiplex GX270 (was “galahad”)
  • Metal workbench legs
    • flat-packable legs can be stored away
    • any 3D-welded legs need to go
  • Polarised monitors - we have two, one should be converted-back or binned

If you personally own any of these items, please add your name and try to give an explanation of why the item is in the lab and how long it will be staying.

If an item belongs to the lab and you believe it should be kept, please try to tell us why.

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