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Members: A 35L Really Useful Box is included in your membership, and you should try to contain your stuff within it. It's okay to keep other items in the lab temporarily, but they should be clearly labelled with your name and removed when you are no longer actively working on them.

If you personally own any of these items, please add your name and try to give an explanation of why the item is in the lab and how long it will be staying.

If an item belongs to the lab and you believe it should be kept, please try to tell us why.



  • belkin UPS


  • sewing machine


  • quadcopter surfing project
  • antenna rotator / death ray mount
  • Hand vacuum set
  • Box of solar garden lights.


  • huge tarp


  • turntable
  • bag of laptops & external drive
  • electronic drum
  • green luggage with wheels
  • Blue bag by the CAD PC
  • Bag of umbrellas by the CAD PC


  • chunky Windows 98 laptop
  • fabric box containing CB radio
  • AIWA tape deck
  • Commodore Amiga box
  • Tricopter
  • RC transmitter box
  • GEM PK5 keyboard
  • Panasonic VHS camera
  • Traffic lights


  • Kiln
  • Gold portable bluetooth loudspeaker?


  • Unicycle


  • collection of BBC micros and accessories, 2x Microvitec monitors
    • we should aim to reduce this to one working BBC, one monitor and a few accessories
    • Tim will take away any spare parts
    • Tim has volunteered Al, John and himself to review the collection and make a plan
  • Stag SE15 EPROM eraser - this had some actual use the other day, not junk!
    • add to a new “retro” box
  • Sony 14“ CRT TV
  • vintage ammeter
  • Cossor Model 1052 Oscillograph - should be re-homed
  • Spare pillar drill
  • Digital waterfall remains
  • Numark dual CD player/mixer - both CD players work, external inputs don't - sell for spares on ebay?
  • Science festival's MakerBot Replicator 2 - Abandoned by EISF and slightly buggered, now an acttive repair project


  • Bag of things including safety glasses, safety goggles, gloves, pop riveters and cables
  • Technics casette deck
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