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Colchester Bantam Mk1 Lathe


Model Condor 20
Chuck mounting D1-3 camlock
Spindle taper 4MT
Tailstock taper 3MT
Leadscrew 6mm pitch
Toolpost Dickson T1



Photo Name Notes Location
3-jaw chuck Standard for normal work Mounted on the lathe
4-jaw chuck Chuck for oddly-shaped material and/or work requiring accurate concentricity TBD
Key for 3-jaw chuck Behind the headstock
Key for camlock operation Used to operate the camlock mechanism to mount/unmount chucks Behind the headstock
Tailstock tools Various tools that mount in the tailstock On the chip tray to the right of the lathe bed
Large drill chuck & key Tailstock tool storage
Medium drill chuck Tailstock tool storage
Small drill chuck & key Tailstock tool storage
Keyless drill chuck Tailstock tool storage
Live centre Live centre for supporting long workpieces or turning between centres Tailstock tool storage


  • 2016-10-26 - Lathe delivered
  • 2016-10-31 - Spindle oil changed (~3L) & gearbox oil filled (~1.5L). Gearbox oil was almost empty so may need to monitor/check for wear. The oil was 'Hydraulic oil ISO 32' from Westway Lubricants (sold as an equivalent to Shell Tellus 27).
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