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AMQP Messages

Python example, running on kay:

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, "/srv/hacksense/lib")

import hacksense

conn = hacksense.AMQPTopic()

topic = ""
headers = {"example": 123}
body = "test test test"

conn.publish(topic, headers, body)

Rhapsody Display

A message can be added to the rotation with:

topic = "rhapsody.submessage"
headers = {"submessage_id": "uniqueid_2542868234761", "colour": "yellow"}
body = "Hello World"

submessage_id should be a unique reference for your message. If you send a later message with the same ID, it will be replaced instead of being added to the rotation.

colour is optional and may be red, yellow or green.

Messages will stay in rotation for approximately 10 minutes, so long-term messages should be resent regularly (using the same submessage_id each time).

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