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Acorn Computers at the Lab

Serial Owner Model Spec Status
01-AMB15-0065278 Tim BBC Master Econet Working
01-AMB15-0042078 Tim BBC Master Econet, RetroClinic DataCentre Working
Hacklab-22 Tim BBC Model B Faulty
none Al BBC Model B Original box Working
01-AMB15-0222432 Martin BBC Master Working
Hacklab-27 Martin/Hacklab? BBC Model B
01-AMB15-0011778 Hacklab BBC Master Incomplete
Hacklab-23 Hacklab BBC Model B
Hacklab-21 Hacklab BBC Model B


BBC Model B (Hacklab asset 27):

  • no PSU
  • missing composite video connector
  • missing screws.
  • may belong to Martin
  • continuous tone at boot, blank screen

BBC Model B (006447, Hacklab asset 23):

  • Donated by Stephen Giles
  • PSU present (may be the faulty PSU awaiting replacement capacitor)
  • Watford DFS
  • Solidisk 128K sideways RAM kit
  • external ZIF socket
  • case dirty but no id markings
  • keyboard missing
  • missing RAM ICs

BBC Model B (Hacklab asset 21): Watford 32K ramcard

  • Watford 32K sideways RAM
  • 1770 DFS
  • 3.5mm speaker jack
  • 2 external switches (not connected)
  • case dirty but no id markings
  • donated by Stephen Giles
  • broken: some chips missing, reports “Illegal address” at boot
  • Issue 7 motherboard

BBC Model B (Hacklab asset 22):

  • Belongs to Al/Tim
  • Makes continuous noise

BBC Model B:

  • In box
  • Fully working
  • Belongs to Al, do not hack.

BBC Master 128 (01-AMB-0011778):

  • no PSU, damaged cartridge slot
  • missing “8” key

BBC Master 128 (01-AMB15-0222432):

  • PSU present, CMOS battery replaced in 2013
  • Watford “Transferom” ROM
  • case slightly marked
  • Belongs to Martin


HCR Electronics EPROM programmer: 1MHz bus interface. (tested, not detected by the software so needs fettling)

Dual 5.25“ floppy drives with integrated monitor plinth.

(more peripherals to be catalogued.)


See Also

We're going to build an econet.

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